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It’s not just trainee teachers who need support. In particular, teachers moving into a middle leadership role can end up feeling that they’re more focused on data and team motivation than helping pupils make progress. Teaching Leaders is a programme that helps middle leaders overcome these challenges, helping them to transform pupils’ results. Individuals can take part in Teaching Leaders Fellows, while groups can take part in Teaching Leaders Teams.


Teaching Leaders grew out of the success of Future Leaders in 2008 and was designed to address similar issues in school middle leadership. Some 28% of graduating Teaching Leaders Fellows have now been promoted to senior leadership positions.

Teaching Leaders is an education charity which develops outstanding middle leaders (subject and pastoral heads) in schools in challenging contexts.  Middle leaders are the engine room of the school, translating senior leadership strategy into outstanding classroom practice. They play an important role in ensuring that every child in every classroom reaches their full potential, regardless of their socio-economic background. Through their TL Fellows programme, Teaching Leaders identifies, trains and develops high-potential middle leaders, building their skills and confidence so that they make a real impact on their teams and their student's attainment.

Over the past seven years, over 1,000 middle leaders from 667 secondary schools have been through the Fellows and Teams programmes, improving outcomes for over 220,000 pupils. In 2014, Teaching Leaders was awarded government funding to launch TL Primary, and is now working with 200 middle leaders in 75 primary schools across the country.

Teaching Leaders' programmes

Teaching Leaders offers three types of programmes to their partner schools:

  • Teaching Leaders Fellows,which selects and develops high-potential middle leaders nationally with 31 days of development delivered over two years.
  • Teaching Leaders Primary, which selects and develops middle leaders in primary school, with participants receiving group and individual coaching.
  • Teaching Leaders Teams, which develops groups of middle leaders in their schools over 2 – 4 terms.