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UK programmes

We want children to succeed whether they go to an Ark school or not. That’s why we also create and run ventures that can be used in other schools too.

We appreciate that education does not begin in an assembly or stop at the school gate. Schools do not operate in isolation. So Ark, in partnership with others, has developed social enterprises that address some of the most intractable issues in education. All these ventures are designed to become sustainable and independent.

Working alongside government and non-state partners, we’ve developed a range of ventures designed to help children do well at school. In 2012 we launched Mathematics Mastery, a curriculum and training programme that helps teachers deliver outstanding maths lessons. There are now almost 200 partner schools using the approach across the UK. Following on from the success of Mathematics Mastery, we are now piloting English Mastery, which is designed to foster a deep appreciation of literature and a mastery over the English language amongst our students. If successful, it could also be rolled out to schools outside the Ark network. 


Mathematics Mastery is an innovative maths curriculum and training programme that helps teachers deliver outstanding maths lessons. The programme is based on the best of existing practice from schools in the UK and all over the world, which have been brought together to create this new approach. With this, Mathematics Mastery believes that every student can reach their true potential, and enjoy and succeed in maths.

The programme was launched in 2012, and there are now almost 200 partner schools using the approach across the UK.