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ASPIRE - India

Some schools in India are struggling to give children a great education. Half of pupils are unable to read after five years at school.

In particular, children's ability to learn English is hampered by outdated, ineffective teaching methods. This realy holds children back: English is one of the surest routes to employment in India's growing economy, and men who speak English earn 34% more than men who don't.

ASPIRE helps children to speak English with confidence

We're running ASPIRE, a cost-effective, phonics-based English teaching programmem. It's being used in government and low-cost private schools across nine states. Aspire trains teachers to use engaging, interactive teaching methods that encourage pupils to speak, read and write English with confidence.

We're reaching over 18,000 children

Now, 335 schools are using our programme. We've trained over 430 teachers this year and reached 18,500 children through partnerships with two state governments and the Bharti Foundation, one of India's largest education foundations. We've significantly reduced the cost of teaching and learning materials, making the programme accessible to more schools. Our phonics programme has produced demonstrably better results than traditional teaching methods in both public and low-cost private schools.

ASPIRE testimonial

“What’s ahead of a child or behind them doesn’t matter; it’s what lies within them that is important. The English literacy initiative we run with Ark in 41 schools captures this spirit. Ark’s interactive approach to English teaching is measurably improving the English skills of pupils and teachers. Combining ARK’s input with our state programme for universal elementary education, we hope to develop a style of child-focused teaching that ultimately can be replicated throughout Meghalaya to transform our children’s prospects.”

Frederick Roy Kharkongor (IAS), Secretary for Education, Meghalaya; State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan