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ENABLE - India

8 million children in India don't go to school, many of whom are among the poorest children in the world. Unfortunately, many of these children don't realise that that they could claim a free place at a private school, with the government covering their school fees. We're working in the most deprived areas of Delhi to encourage families to claim their free school places, helping them to cover essentials like uniforms and text books.

In India, eight million children have never been to school. Many of these are among the poorest in the world.

To tackle this problem, India introduced the Right to Education Act: this means a quarter of places in private schools must be set aside for children from poor families, with the government paying the fees. However, most of these places go unclaimed - many parents don't know about the Act, or can't afford basics like uniforms and text books.

Getting children into education

We're working in the poorest areas of Delhi to encourage families to claim their free school places. We use picture guides to tell parents about the schools available. And, to make things fair, we allocate places with a lottery system. Our corruption-proof vouchers cover tuition fees, uniforms, textbooks and lunch for the full five years of primary school.

Keeping 97% of children in school

Our first cohort of 635 pupils:

  • Completed their first academic year across 69 schools.
  • 97% of pupils stayed in school.
  • Contrasted with that, 80% in comparable voucher programmes stayed in school.