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Staff benefits

Enjoy training for life

We want to reward our staff  and develop them throughout their career.

That's why we offer our schools staff twice the standard number of training days, and we encourage them to take part in different kinds of training. We offer our central team some great benefits, to recognise the work they do in serving our schools.

For staff in schools: 

Training courses

These are usually a term long and are designed for teachers at crucial stages in their careers. For example, one course trains outstanding teachers to become subject leaders across our network. Some of these courses are accredited or contribute towards a specific accreditation.

Bite-sized training from our training menu

You can book face-to-face sessions or you can use our library or video clips, articles and online resources. This way, you can pick and mix the training you need, from presentation skills to early language intervention for reception children.

Bespoke training

Our schools develop their own training sessions based on what their people need – a particular school might run a session about how their teachers write lesson plans, or how they implement the school’s curriculum.

Network training days

One of the best things about working at Ark Schools is being able to collaborate with exceptional people across our network. All Ark staff come together at the annual Summit to celebrate success and learn together. There are also two hub days each year, where specific groups – for instance, people in certain roles or subjects – share best practice and develop teaching techniques across the network.

Our training doesn’t stop when you reach a certain level or learn a certain skill. We support you throughout your career – from qualifying as a teacher to running your own school.

For staff in our central office

Shop discounts

Our staff can claim up to £1,000 a year in savings from over 3,000 major retailers.

Interest-free loans

We offer up to £5,000 to staff who buy a season ticket or a bicycle.

Childcare vouchers

Our staff can receive childcare vouchers as part of a salary-sacrifice scheme.

Gym discounts

Our team members can save up to 40% at their local gym.