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UK family

Once sustainable, our ventures are spun off from Ark to become independent organisations. The Future Leaders Trust and Teaching Leaders, organisations helping to develop the next generation of outstanding school leaders, started life as Ark ventures and are now thriving, independent enterprises. Similarly, Frontline was co-founded by Ark and is helping to train the next generation of outstanding children's social workers. We expect Mathematics Mastery to follow a similar trajectory in the next few years but it will remain part of the wider Ark family.


Frontline attracts, recruits and develops outstanding individuals to be leaders in children's social work and broader society. It aims to attract people who might not have considered a career in the profession before. The innovative two-year programme gives graduates and career-changers excellent academic and on-the-job experience, to help them become outstanding social workers - allowing them to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Challenging schools require inspiring leaders, but historically they have struggled to recruit. Future Leaders was set up in 2006 to tackle this problem. The programme identifies individuals who have the potential to be great school leaders and gives them the training they need.

It’s not just trainee teachers who need support. In particular, teachers moving into a middle leadership role can end up feeling that they’re more focused on data and team motivation than helping pupils make progress. Teaching Leaders is a programme that helps middle leaders overcome these challenges, helping them to transform pupils’ results. Individuals can take part in Teaching Leaders Fellows, while groups can take part in Teaching Leaders Teams.