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About us

Ark is an international organisation whose purpose is to transform children's lives.

Why we are here

All children deserve a great education – an education that allows them to achieve their potential and follow their dreams. But all over the world too many children - especially those from poorer communities – are being failed by the schools they attend and by the systems they are part of.


Our Schools

Ark knows first hand that education transforms lives. We know that because we run 34 schools in the UK and we’ve just launched our first school in Delhi, India. Our schools are all non-selective and educate children from poor communities with a history of educational underachievement, but we have high expectations and we know that destiny should not be determined at birth.

Ark is very proud of the impact our schools have and the opportunities we give to the 23,000 students in our schools. But we want our work to benefit more children than that. So we operate beyond the confines of our own schools to share models that work, and to strengthen and improve education systems.


Our Ventures

A decade of running great schools has given Ark almost unrivalled insight into where the schooling system needs new models and innovations. We have been able to use our schools as a test bed to incubate good ideas, and then scale those that prove successful way beyond our own network. For example Mathematics Mastery – our innovative maths teaching framework – has been rigorously and independently evaluated and is now being used in classrooms in more than 100 schools across the UK.

In the same way Future Leaders, founded by Ark to develop a pipeline of great leaders for our own schools, is now an independent and sustainable organization making a significant contribution to the UK’s education system. Future Leaders has trained almost 500 leaders and has seen more than 120 appointed to headship in some of the UK’s most challenging schools.


Our Systems Work

Education systems are complex and difficult to get right. The world over – but particularly in less-developed countries – these systems are failing to give poor children the education they need to succeed in life. We know this is an injustice, an injustice that needs to be addressed because the future of children, communities and nations is at stake.

Ark support government partners to reform education systems, so that teachers, schools and governments are held accountable for the education of each and every child. There are neither silver bullets nor fast solutions in education reform: instead it needs bold, collaborative and patient leadership, a pragmatic focus on outcomes, determination and reliable data.